9-11 The New Pearl Harbour ( 4 hours 53 mins )

ImageHistory can teach us quite a lot. Especially when new chapters of history open up from whistleblowers, hidden documents resurfacing, a revisionary view of an event or even just observing past events with a clear concise critical mind and all the facts in hand.

For those who are unaware of the False Flag event scenario, this video is a perfect tool for education. Going into the parallels of the Sept 11 attacks with the 1941 Pearl Harbour attack. This documentary is perfect for those who have not ever seen, or know much about the 9-11 narrative as expressed by truthseekers. It goes into the entire plan of "LIHOP" or Let It Happen On Purpose" theory.

Ever since Operation Northwoods was exposed as the US plan to blow up an unmanned airplane and blame Cuba as justification for an invasion, the USA has been caught out time and time again planning, strategizing and even pulling off their own covert operations to blame others. This is what is known as a "false flag event". The Northwoods Document (or memorandum) is so damaging perhaps because it was signed off by US Generals and presented as a viable option for instigating military action. Now it has become public, the world knows exactly what the USA are capable of in order to facilitate and keep running their Militarised Industrial Complex of Corporations and Shadowy organisations. The Northwoods Memorandum is shown below.

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On the very day of "September 11" several commentators drew a parallel with the historical events of Pearl Harbor. But there was also someone on the same day who offered a prediction. In fact the more information that's been emerging about "September 11" the more we've come to realize that many different aspects of the two events bear a chilling resemblance to each other. While both events were needed by the U.S. to go to war, in both cases the ultimate goal was not the one initially stated.

Roosevelt knew a surprise Japanese attack would enrage the public and jumpstart the American war machine. In this way F.D.R. would get backdoor entry into what he really wanted - war with Hitler. According to their own documents, before 9/11, authorities knew that surprise attack like new Pearl Harbor would enrage the public and start a war against Afghanistan. In this way they would get the backdoor entry into what they really wanted - the war with Saddam Hussein.

Before and during the World War II, the propaganda machine made a relentless effort to create a direct connection between Hitler and Japan. One poll, taken immediately after Pearl Harbor, showed that more than 60% of Americans believed that Germany was behind the attack. The Bush-Cheney propaganda machine made an even harder effort to create direct association between Iraq and Osama bin Laden. By the end of 2003 nearly 70% of Americans believed that Saddam was implicated in the "September 11" attacks.

Top levels of the Roosevelt's administration knew in advance that Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked. Secretary of state, Cordell Hull, even knew the exact day of the attack a week before it took place. Before "September 11" many in the intelligence community knew the attacks were on their way.

Vital information on the Japanese attack was kept from those who could've used it to defend the Hawaiian port and to minimize the number of American casualties. Two men could use that information immediately: Admiral Husband Kimmel and Lieutenant General Walter Short, the commanders at Pearl Harbor. But they never get it. Before "September 11" important information was kept from counterterrorism czar, Richard Clarke, who could have organized the defense and even have prevented the attacks altogether.

What david Ray Griffin Says


“But there is no fiction in Mazzucco’s film – except in the sense that it clearly and relentlessly exposes every part of the official account as fictional.

Because of his intent at completeness, Mazzucco has given us a 5-hour film. It is so fascinating and fast-paced that many will want to watch it in one sitting. But this is not necessary, as the film, which fills 3 DVDs, consists of 7 parts, each of which is divided into many short chapters.

These 7 parts treat Air Defence, The Hijackers, The Airplanes, The Pentagon, Flight 93, The Twin Towers, and Building 7. In each part, after presenting facts that contradict the official story, Mazzucco deals with the claims of the debunkers (meaning those who try to debunk the evidence provided by the 9/11 research community).

The Introduction, reflecting the film’s title, deals with 12 uncanny parallels between Pearl Harbor and September 11.

The film can educate people who know nothing about 9/11 (beyond the official story), those with a moderate amount of knowledge about the various problems with the official story, and even by experts. (I myself learned many things.)

Mazzucco points out that his film covers 12 years of public debate about 9/11. People who have been promoting 9/11 truth for many of these years will see that their labors have been well-rewarded: There is now a high-quality, carefully-documented film that dramatically shows the official story about 9/11 to be a fabrication through and through.

This is truly the film we have been waiting for.


David Ray Griffin

If the TRUTH is important to you as a person, then this is definitely one documentary you simply MUST watch.